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Learn more about what L-K’s up to by reading our blog posts, including our monthly newsletters. July’s L-K Log features info about our thermometers, including details about our HALF PRICE SALE for New Calibration Customers! https://lnkd.in/dsapNQt

L-K Log July

 L-K Log: July 2018  Selection and Use of MWTX Thermometers: Best Practices    by L-K Industries  L-K Industries opened its newly accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory in the summer of 2016 after acquiring Miller-Weber. Now operating as Miller-Weber of Texas (MWTX), our highly trained technical staff is manufacturing thermometers and other glassware and performing instrument calibrations in-house. Each thermometer … Continue reading L-K Log July

L-K Log June

 L-K Log: June 2018  Oil Price Volatility: Driving Force Behind Flexible and Responsive Companies    by L-K Industries  It’s officially summer, and predictably, as the temps rise Americans tend to notice that so do prices at the pumps. They’re accustomed to digging deeper into their pockets as they flock to beaches, mountains, and other tourist destinations during … Continue reading L-K Log June

L-K Log May

 L-K Log: May 2018   L-K Works Smarter with their New SMART Transport I An old adage recommends, “Work smarter, not harder.” L-K’s SMART Transport I exemplifies that advice, and we’re proud to announce that the SMART Transport I will be ready for consumers this summer.   Human error has traditionally plagued crude oil testing. Basic sediment and … Continue reading L-K Log May

L-K Log April

 L-K Log: April 2018   Conferences Provide Critical Professional Development In the busy world of petroleum testing equipment, it’s difficult to carve time into the schedule for professional development.  It’s also critical. Attending conferences to swap best practices, showcase emerging technology, and share changes in industry standards is part of the job – and not one … Continue reading L-K Log April

L-K Log March

 L-K Log: March 2018   Centrifugation: Still Relevant, Always Superior   Water is an essential component in so many aspects of life, including in our bodies and on our planet. But water in crude oil and petroleum products is problematic – and can be costly if included erroneously in the “net dry oil” calculation. Assessing the amount … Continue reading L-K Log March

L-K Log February

 L-K Log: February 2018    Temperature Matters: Precision Thermometers, Hydrometers Petroleum measurement calls for precision, validity, and reliability. It requires dependable, exacting instruments like Miller-Weber thermometers and hydrometers. In 2016, L-K Industries added another layer of industry-leading merchandise to our oil testing equipment when owner Eric Calderon purchased Miller-Weber of Texas (MWTX). The former New York … Continue reading L-K Log February

L-K Log January

 L-K Log: January 2018  New & Improved in 2018 L-K Industries welcomes 2018 with new and improved products, some of which are already available for customers and the rest of which will premier throughout the year. Security Sealing Devices are in stock! These devices provide evidence of theft or tampering of valves, piping junctions and other … Continue reading L-K Log January