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L-K Log December

 L-K Log: December 2017 

Giving in 2017

Living in a community means more than just favoring a particular restaurant or knowing which streets to avoid during rush hour. When you’re part of a community, as L-K is in Houston, you have the responsibility to help those who live beside you, which is why L-K participated in several philanthropic initiatives in 2017. There are many non-profit organizations that need volunteers. Two favorite charities are The Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC) and The Houston Food Bank.
L-K participated last week in the HAWC’s Holiday Gift Express Event, during which the offices are transformed into toy stores and shops from which clients can select gifts for their children. Kids are also able to pick presents for their parents or guardians, and they spend quality time making arts and crafts. On previous volunteer days, L-K employees and their families also helped distribute back-to-school supplies for the children at the shelter.
L-K employees at the Women’s Shelter Holiday Gift Express Event:
Adrian Lopez, Dina Hernandez, Eric Calderon
The Houston Food Bank leads the fight against hunger with a vision of “food access for all.” In August, L-K employees and their families helped to assemble meal packages of nonperishable foods for distribution at schools, assisted living facilities, and similar establishments. 

Finally, L-K Industries dedicates time and resources to local education initiatives. Rod Tejeda, Senior Vice President and CFO, is a member of the Greater East End District Board of Directors, an organization that “provides services and conducts capital improvements throughout the 16 square miles of the District.” Through L-K’s involvement in East End activities, owner Eric Calderon connected with YES Prep Public Schools. The match began with a dozen students visiting the L-K facility during a Career Immersion Day in April, and continued with Eric joining the YES Prep Public Schools Board of Directors in September. L-K looks forward to many years of collaboration with YES Prep Public Schools!
Accountant Dina Hernandez is the force behind L-K’s charitable involvement. She humbly summarizes L-K’s attitude about working with the community: “It’s wonderful to share all the blessings that we have with others less fortunate. Not only do we owe this service to our community, we really enjoy meeting and working with our neighbors.”

The Houston Food Bank: a member of the nation’s largest non-governmental, domestic hunger relief organization, Feeding America.
L-K Industries will exhibit at the upcoming Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. 
Come visit L-K in booth #517 on January 17th and 18th! 

Happy Holidays to all L-K’s customers and friends!

L-K Log November

 L-K Log: November 2017 

 Melton Centrifuge Turns 60!

Of all the products made by L-K Industries, The Melton Centrifuge is the hallmark of the company – the cream of the crop. This idiom is a literal nod to the first centrifuge ever made. Historically, centrifugation began in the 15th century and was used to separate cream from milk, a process which was commercialized in 1864 by Antonin Prandtl’s dairy centrifuge. For Texans, there’s no richer cream than oil, and shortly after Houston’s Gusher Age, Louis Hill Kennon (founder of L-K Pump Valve Company) and Sam Melton partnered to design the oilfield centrifuge that became known as the “Melton.” This year, the Melton celebrates its 60th Anniversary.

The duo may not have foreseen it at the time, but the Melton Centrifuge became the hallmark of the company and set the oil testing industry standard for centrifugation. In 1962, ASTM standards were released based on the Melton Centrifuge, and to this day it stands as the single invention that changed the course of the industry.

Melton, in his United States Patent application, described the device as an “invention [that] relates to a centrifugal machine for testing oil that must be heated to a predetermined temperature, and more particularly to a machine for testing crude oil in the oil fields, the machine being powered by an automobile storage battery, and it consists in the constructions, arrangements and combinations herein described and claimed.”

 From the Melton Patent Application

Technological advancement has skyrocketed since the 1950’s. Today’s Melton includes four integrated heated cups for crude oil samples which provide maximum heat transfer. It features robust, durable construction in a steel case that protects the interior in harsh, corrosive environments such as offshore platforms. The consistent motor speed reduces process variation, and the built-in tachometer provides an accurate, direct, mechanical RPM reading.

Says owner Eric Calderon: “Since 1930 we have taken great pride in building high quality products and providing excellent customer service. Our original ‘Melton’ centrifuge set the standard in 1957 and continues to inspire our product development today. We look forward to continuing the rich traditions that have made us successful and to manufacturing the next generation of oilfield testing equipment.”

That “Next Gen” equipment is already in progress with L-K’s SMART Transport Centrifuge, which utilizes smart technology and automation. The SMART Transport drastically reduces human error and provides historical, traceable data in case of custody transfer disputes.  It is operated by a smart device, verifies ASTM/API test conditions are achieved, and allows real-time submission of field test results. Melton and Kennon would be proud – and probably astonished – at how their centrifuge developed in only 60 years.

The Original 1957 Melton Centrifuge

Happy 60th Melton!

To learn more about today’s modern Melton Centrifuge, visit our Products Page.

L-K Log October

 L-K Log: October 2017 

 L-K Attends Tank Truck Week

On October 10-12th, L-K rediscovered a piece of its childhood at the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) Tank Truck Week in New Orleans. Along with fond memories of playing Kick the Can and racing around town on banana-seat bikes, we recall watching the traffic, waiting for that far-away rumble that meant one was coming our way: a tank truck. Finally, we were able to get up close and personal with our heroes of the highway. Tank truck drivers are also the unsung heroes of the petroleum industry, moving crude oil and other refined fuels from source to site, keeping communities safe while maintaining the integrity of the cargo entrusted to them.

Since the late 80s, L-K Industries has partnered with these hard-working heroes by providing Transport Centrifuges and gaging accessories. The L-K Industries Transport Series is ideal for determining basic sediment and water (BS&W) content on crude oil haulers. All models feature a rugged, steel case with reinforced mounting rails allowing for outdoor use and longer lifespans, and have various heating and digital options. The 3100 model can be used for sulfur testing of petroleum products. The pre-heater pocket on 7100 and 9100 models enables faster sample testing, and the compact design allows for easy installation and maintenance. The perfect complement to our Transport Series is our gaging accessories. Contact L-K to learn about our Hauler’s Package and receive a promotional 10% off certain Transport centrifuges: Call Sales at (713) 926-2623.

As a natural progression, L-K Industries’ next generation of the Transport centrifuge utilizes smart technology and automation. The SMART Transport drastically reduces human error and provides historical, traceable data in case of custody transfer disputes.  It is operated by a smart device, verifies ASTM / API test conditions are achieved, and allows real-time submission of field test results. Contact L-K Industries for a copy of the SMART Transport brochure.

Distributor Partnership Updates

A big shout out to one of our distributors, AOSS Medical Supply, a trusted provider of quality medical supplies and equipment. Their mission is “to secure customer satisfaction through the principled protocol of quality distribution of medical supplies and equipment, and to practice professionalism and honesty with integrity.” L-K is proud to partner with AOSS!
In a more recent alliance, L-K is excited to share that more L-K products have been added to the Amazon website! From racks and ropes to tubes and Transport centrifuges, find petroleum testing equipment on Amazon. Hydrometers, centrifuges, oil thiefs, thermometers, and centrifuge tubes – now delivered to your door, from ours.

Don’t Forget to Secure Your Assets: L-K Security Sealing Devices

Recognizing that certain aspects of the oil industry are vulnerable to vandalism, L-K Industries recently began manufacturing and supplying Security Sealing Devices. Security sealing mechanisms provide evidence of theft or tampering of valves, piping junctions and other devices, and limit access to at-risk points such as lock nuts and needle valve handles. While security sealing does not prevent fraud or theft, having them in place facilitates compliance with Security Sealing Devices, OOC (Offshore Operators Committee) Best Practices, and BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) requirements.

Security Sealing Devices

Past – Present – FUTURE

Someone’s got an anniversary coming up… It’s our one-of-a-kind L-K hallmark product launched in 1957, the Melton Centrifuge! We’ll celebrate next month with an L-K Log issue dedicated to the Melton. Featured below, its modern descendant, available through the L-K Products page.

L-K Log September

 L-K Log: September 2017 


Texans are tough. Without question, though, Houston Texans are the toughest of the lot. In an epic event, Hurricane Harvey made landfall near the Texas Gulf Coast on August 25th as a Category 4 hurricane. And with it came punishing winds, pounding waves, and a reported storm surge (according to the National Weather Service’s NOAA) ranging from three to 12 feet. But the biggest threat to Houston residents was that the storm Just. Would. Not. Budge. 51.88 inches of rain later, Harvey slunk off like the Houston Oilers when they betrayed their hometown, left the state, and reinvented themselves as the Tennessee Titans.

Houstonians endured horrific conditions. Many braved muddy flood waters, some of it churning with bacteria, toxins, alligators, and fire ants. Streets and homes submerged, electricity failed, and hazardous power lines sparked and crackled. More than 35,000 sought safety at shelters; others were stranded for many days. Some died.

Overall, L-K was incredibly fortunate. With the exception of a leak in one office ceiling, the building and equipment escaped unscathed, although incoming and outgoing shipments were delayed during the city and region-wide shutdown. Most importantly, all staff are alive and well. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t experience turmoil. Homes flooded for approximately 25% of L-K’s employees. Of those displaced, some are settled in rentals, some are staying with family, and some are searching for new permanent housing. Those of us affected will have to rebuild or find new homes and replace many lost possessions. The recovery process will be long and arduous.

The L-K family is truly a resilient lot; we’ve got grit. By the 31st of August, just days after the storm subsided, L-K Industries was fully functional and employees churned out work: catching up while catching our breath. #HoustonStrong.

Past – PRESENT – Future
Calderon Joins YES Prep Board!

On September 12th of 2017, Eric Calderon, L-K owner, became a member of the YES Prep Public Schools Board of Directors. Congratulations, Eric! YES Prep’s mission includes “increasing the number of students from under-served communities who graduate college prepared to lead.” Last April, L-K Industries hosted a dozen junior and senior students from the YES Prep Public Charter School System in Houston for a Career Immersion Day. We looked forward to a long alliance with YES Prep, and we got our wish!

YES Prep Students Visit L-K

Customer Education and Orientation Program: L-K Hits the Road

As we noted in August’s L-K Log, focusing on WHY in addition to WHAT helps establish educational partnerships between L-K and our customers. We’re committed to inviting our patrons to visit L-K and to conducting training webinars so that customers recognize how our products best meet their needs. But a partnership connotes the dyad, and that includes understanding their facilities and operations.

So L-K has taken to the road to ensure we understand our clients as completely as possible. Visiting customers on location allows L-K to understand their businesses and ultimately develop better solutions for their needs. Receiving real-time feedback on our equipment helps us develop unique solutions for customers. In one recent instance, a visit resulted in ongoing R&D for a new product! According to owner Eric Calderon, “I’ve learned so much while visiting face-to-face with L-K’s customers. After each visit, I bring back to the office valuable and unique knowledge about each of our customers.”

It’s even becoming the best kind of self-perpetuating cycle: customers visit us, we go to see them, and an iterative process develops yielding the best products, services, and relationships.  That’s the WHY L-K!

Past – Present – FUTURE

The ferocious hurricane season resulted in many challenges this year, among them conference rescheduling. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma prompted the GCC to postpone their annual October meeting “in the best interest of the Exhibitors as well as the Attendees. The Gulf Coast Conference will be rescheduled for January 17-18, 2018. The host hotel, The Four Seasons will move all reservations for GCC over to the January date.” Contact the GCC office at 281-256-8807 with any questions; we’ll see you there!

L-K Log August

 L-K Log: August 2017 

Depth of Knowledge Increases with Customer Education and Orientation

What your teachers said, all those years ago? Turns out it’s true. Education IS essential. Becoming a life-long learner IS an enviable goal. At L-K Industries, we embody these ideologies with our clients, because we want them to do more than understand the WHAT; we want them to embrace the WHY.

It’s easy for customers to understand WHAT products they need. When testing crude oil samples in the field, it’s the Transport Centrifuge. Under hazardous conditions that could produce an explosion or fire, it’s the Benchmark C Centrifuge with Class I Division 2 certification. When precision is critical, hand-blown, etched thermometers and hydrometers calibrated on-site in Miller-Weber’s accredited ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory is the ideal option.

But the WHY – now that’s more difficult. Why select products from L-K Industries? If customers can confidently answer the “Why L-K?” question, their depth of knowledge increases and they’re able to best meet their testing needs. That’s why L-K invests in a multi-tiered Customer Education and Orientation program.

L-K’s program begins with familiarization of our facility and products. For those in the Houston area, facility tours are conducted, from manufacturing to product demonstrations. We have distinct product lines and services – centrifuges, sample heaters, glassware, gaging accessories, ISO 17025 calibrations… Seeing all these products being built and understanding how they work together in real time solidifies L-K’s comprehensive offerings for customers. It’s the WHY at work.

For those customers and distributors not in the direct Houston area, webinars are offered to overview products and services. Detailed product literature and tutorial videos are also available through the L-K website.

Ultimately, focusing on WHY in addition to WHAT helps establish an educational partnership between L-K and our customers that surpasses industry expectations and enriches relationships. Customer education creates a climate for meaningful feedback and collaboration, which can lead to new product ideas or improvements to existing offerings, creating solutions that are relevant to customer applications.

Contact L-K Industries to schedule a tour and learn more about our complete array of products.

Past – Present – FUTURE: Gulf Coast Conference

L-K Industries is excited to announce our participation in this year’s Gulf Coast Conference, scheduled for October 3rd and 4th at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. L-K welcomes visitors to Booth #517 with displays of lab equipment, glassware, accessories, and the exciting new SMART Transport! Visitors can look forward to interactive displays, product literature, on-site technical experts, snacks, and door prizes!

Past – PRESENT – FUTURE: Distributor Update

We’re excited to share two Distributor Updates this month –one tried and true and one new! First, a Texas-sized shout-out to Amarillo Thermo King. Located in West Texas, Amarillo Thermo King proudly serves its customers throughout the Texas Panhandle, South Plains, and Permian Basin. Look to them for L-K’s Transport Centrifuges and gaging accessories.

L-K is thrilled to announce a new alliance with General Laboratory Supply, aka Gen Lab. Their “name says it all,” as Gen Lab offers a complete array of products for the petrochemical industry, including L-K’s finest laboratory equipment: Benchmark Centrifuges, a variety of heaters, and all associated glassware.

L-K Log July

 L-K Log: July 2017 

L-K Fights Summer Stagnation
Trend, Embraces FUTURE

During vacation season, some businesses succumb to summer stagnation – but L-K Industries is actively using this summer to prepare for the future. L-K participates year-round in petroleum and industrial organizations such as API, ASTM and COQA (see June’s L-K Log) to stay abreast of industry changes. This summer, L-K is applying its technical prowess and knowledge gained from these industrial organizations to develop new products.

L-K Industries made its initial mark on the petroleum industry with the Melton Centrifuge in 1957. The first of the Benchmark Laboratory Centrifuge Series was developed in the late 1990s. The original Benchmark 2000 was modified and evolved into the Benchmark S in 2015. The Benchmark C was released in 2014, and is the first laboratory oil centrifuge with Class I, Division 2 certification. This fall, the Benchmark C will be modified to create the Benchmark Platinum. The new, improved machine will feature an all-in-one, interactive screen and a redesigned lid for easier bowl access. Additionally, the centrifuge spins at 2700+ rpm.

Recognizing that certain aspects of the oil industry are vulnerable to vandalism, L-K Industries recently began manufacturing and supplying Security Sealing Devices. Security sealing mechanisms provide evidence of theft or tampering of valves, piping junctions and other devices, and limit access to at-risk points such as lock nuts and needle valve handles. While security sealing does not prevent fraud or theft, having them in place facilitates compliance with OOC (Offshore Operators Committee) Best Practices and BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) requirements.

Security Sealing Devices

Another L-K advancement extends to field testing of crude oil samples. Basic sediment and water (BS&W) content is currently determined in the field via “shakeout test” and visual inspection. Test techniques vary from driver to driver, which can be problematic during custody transfer and result in significant economic consequences. The SMART Transport Centrifuge Series makes the shift toward automation. Its smart technology reduces human error, and provides testing traceability, real-time data, and improved efficiency. A smart device and microcomputer will operate the centrifuge, record and transmit field testing data to a server, and confirm tests run onsite to API/ASTM standards.

Patent-Pending SMART Transport Centrifuge

Today’s inventions fuel tomorrow’s petroleum business. Throughout its history, L-K Industries has been at the helm of the petroleum testing equipment industry. Even summer stagnation can’t slow decades of dedicated innovation. Contact L-K to order Security Sealing Devices (available now), and learn more about the Benchmark Platinum and SMART Transport centrifuges (coming in the fall).

Past – PRESENT – Future: Distributor Update

With its headquarters in Vernon Hills, IL, Cole-Parmer has been a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies since 1955 – and one of L-K’s distributors! Serving the scientific and engineering communities, Cole-Parmer is an important liaison highly valued by L-K. 

PAST – Present – Future

This is a blend of Past and Present… This 2011 photo showcases our Transport Centrifuge during the heart of the South Texas oil boom. Read the above article to see how L-K’s past and present invoke their future.

L-K Log June

 L-K Log: June 2017 

Rebirth of the Industry:
Investing in the Organizations that Fuel Change

Big Oil. Gallon hats. J.R. Ewing. TEXAS. Every legendary aspect of the U.S. Petroleum Industry – both real and fictitious – seems larger than life. Perhaps impenetrable. So how does a small player like L-K Industries fit in? In practice, even for small businesses, there’s a spot for anyone willing to commit and connect. L-K dedicates substantial time and manpower to maintaining connections through organizations and conferences like ISHM, GCC, API, COQA, and ASTM. Through rigorous participation in coalitions like these, L-K can provide insight, stay abreast of changes that may affect the business, and make real-time impact on industry standards – making small seem quite significant.

Of course, interfacing with existing and potential customers at trade shows and conferences like those hosted by ISHM (International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement) and GCC (Gulf Coast Conference) is an important avenue for growth – something every company chases, big or small. And involvement in industrial organizations such as API, COQA, and ASTM allow for consistent, one-on-one contact with larger companies. But most important is the opportunity to have a substantial impact on developments and revisions in the petroleum and manufacturing  industries.

ASTM International, the American Society for Testing & Materials, operates over 12,000 ASTM standards globally, “working across borders, disciplines and industries [to] harness the expertise of over 30,000 members to create consensus and improve performance in manufacturing and materials, products and processes, systems and services.” L-K Industries is proud to participate in two ASTM committees: D02 – Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants, and E20 – Temperature Measurement, and are particularly involved in E20.05, the subcommittee on liquid-in-glass thermometers. Miller-Weber of Texas, owned and operated by L-K, is a leading manufacturer of thermometers and glassware.

API, the American Petroleum Institute, “is the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry… from the largest major oil company to the smallest of independents.” With a mission to “promote safety across the industry globally and to influence public policy in support of a strong, viable U.S. oil and natural gas industry,” supporting API is important work. L-K attended their Committee On Petroleum Measurement Standards during the seasonal meeting held in Dallas in March of 2017, and plans are already afoot to sponsor a booth during next year’s spring meeting. The Crude Oil Quality Association, COQA, “is dedicated to the belief that maintaining the integrity and consistency of the refining characteristics of crude oil streams is of importance to all parties involved in crude oil activity, from production locations to the refinery.” L-K cosponsored COQA’s last two meetings, held in Houston and New Orleans. At the Houston meeting, L-K’s owner Eric Calderon revealed plans for a new SMART Transport series utilizing automation to reduce human error and provide historical, traceable data in case of custody transfer disputes. Basic sediment and water (BS&W) content determination, which is currently done by visual inspection after centrifugation, is riddled with opportunities for mistakes. Harried drivers, inconsistent analysis, missed steps, and variable test times are all problematic during the transportation of samples from suppliers to buyers, and currently there is no way to ensure that testing is performed to ASTM and API standards. The SMART Transport series long-term success rests on producing repeatable images for accurate processing and adequate images for human viewing. L-K currently has two patents filed and is hard at work developing the ground-breaking SMART transport centrifuge. L-K Industries is dedicated to staying not only involved, but invested in the organizations that maintain standards and fuel change within the petroleum and general manufacturing industries. The American Petroleum Institute has dubbed this the age of “The Energy Renaissance” and L-K is prepared to be a partner in the rebirth of the industry.

Distributor Update!

We LOVE our Distributors, and this month we’re highlighting one new relationship and one tried and true…

First, we’re proud to partner with Ayalytical as a distributor for our lab equipment in South America. When it comes to petroleum testing, accuracy is critical, and Ayalytical Instruments is a petroleum analyzer company that brings together high caliber instrumentation from top global manufacturers.

We’re also thrilled to highlight our distributor relationship with DC Scientific, a registered manufacturer and distributor of precision glassware products, testing equipment, and accessories for the petroleum laboratory. Thanks to both companies for your support, and here’s to many more years together!

Past – PRESENT – Future: Welcome to the L-K Family!

L-K warmly welcomes Prentiss McWilliams and Amanda Heiman, our  newly hired sales associates! Prentiss has a degree in Electrical Engineering, five years IT experience as a Network Analyst, and six years of commercial and retail sales. Amanda has a degree in Criminal Justice, many years of sales experience (she loves the chase), and an 11-year-old. Welcome to the L-K family Prentiss and Amanda!

PAST – Present – Future: Farewell, Friend!

Effective June 30th, our long-time employee Frank Ragan will retire after many years of dedicated service. Frank has been with the company since 1998 in various roles, most recently in R&D Engineering and Sales. Mr. Ragan had an integral role in the operation of the entire company, was involved in both manual and CNC machining operations, and was instrumental in maintaining the machines and facilities. He was promoted to Engineering Manager in 2006, and focused on improving the L-K product line to better respond to the needs of our customers. He has been involved in the Oil & Gas industry in some form of R&D Engineering since 1964. We’ll miss you, Frank!

L-K Log May

 L-K Log: May 2017 

YES Prep Students
Mentored by L-K Industries

The tradition of mentoring is age-old, dating to the days of Medieval Europe when to pursue a trade, young people worked under a master tradesman before receiving the credentials to hang their own shingle. In honor of this tradition – and to encourage the next generation of petroleum engineers – on April 25th, L-K Industries hosted a dozen junior and senior students from the YES Prep Public Charter School System in Houston, Texas.

YES Prep’s mission includes “increasing the number of students from underserved communities who graduate college prepared to lead.” Career Immersion Days are part of their concentrated effort to ensure students enter college with a clear understanding of the many choices available to them regarding fields of study and career paths. L-K’s staff was excited to spend the day helping to shape eager young minds.

The morning began with an informative session during which L-K employees shared their professional stories, including how career trajectories brought them to L-K Industries, and what skills and education enabled them to gain employment in the petroleum industry. Knowing that kinesthetic activities can produce longer-lasting impressions than listening to lectures, the staff set up a hands-on challenge during which student teams attempted to assemble an Oil Thief.

Contrary to petroleum legend, an Oil Thief is NOT a ninja native to Texas who will steal every drop of your crude, but rather a simple device used to collect accurate crude oil samples, also known as a Slurry Sampler, that’s standard equipment found on tankers carrying crude oil. And because these were high school students, “assemble” quickly  turned into “race”! Students also tested a variety of thermometers to determine which kind were most accurate measuring heated samples, and watched staff members demonstrate how to spin an oil sample in a centrifuge. Of course, there was also lunch.

Since opening their doors in 1998, YES Prep has redefined what’s possible for students, their families, and public education, and they’ve grown to include 16 schools that serve 11,600 students in the Houston area. L-K Industries looks forward to a long alliance with YES Prep!

YES Prep Students at L-K!

Past – PRESENT – Future
Grabner Distributor Expo

Last week Grabner Instruments’ international distributors met in Vienna to learn about the new products they’ll distribute, including ours. Check out our display table at the Grabner Distributor Expo!

Distributor Update

Last month we featured two of our distributors: Parkes Scientific Canada and Grainger Industrial Supply. This week we’re pleased to highlight two more! Our longstanding relationship with Bunzl has allowed for Miller-Weber thermometers and glassware to reach the far corners of many countries, thanks to Bunzl’s dedication to sourcing, consolidating, and distributing. Headquartered in London, Bunzl is active in 30 countries.

We’re also pleased to announce a new distributor partnership with Petrolab Company, a member of the Oil & Gas Division of Ametek. Petrolab offers petroleum and chemical analytical testing instrumentation for laboratory and field use that are manufactured by industry leaders throughout the world as well as a complete technical service and support team. Petrolab’s Global affiliate, Grabner Instruments, recently held a Distributor’s Expo in Vienna in which L-K Industries took part. Great location, guys!

Past – Present – FUTURE

We value your business – and YOU value your drivers – so we want to reward them for hard work done well. Nominate your BEST driver today – the one who exemplifies safety, integrity, and dedication. We’ll select one nominee each month to be awarded PRIZES. Recipients and their companies will be featured on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Send nominations to, and stay tuned. If you aren’t following us on social media, please do:
On LinkedIn: L-K Industries (Miller-Weber of Texas)
On Twitter: @lkindustriesweb
On Face Book: @lkindustriesweb

PAST – Present – Future

L-K bids a fond farewell to Marcel Lawson, a Key Account Manager for Shell Pipeline, Motiva, and Miller-Weber products. Marcel is leaving L-K for higher education, where he’ll earn his MBA at Dartmouth College. Marcel – we wish you all the best , and beware of the New England winters!

L-K Log April

 L-K Log: April 2017 

Happy Anniversary L-K!

We can’t believe it’s been two years; time really does fly…

On April 16, 2015, L-K Industries was purchased by our very own Eric Calderon. “At the age of 89, long-time owner Joseph Hugghins decided to retire,” said Calderon. “He wanted to sell to a local, someone committed to preserving the company’s rich history and maintaining its Houston home.” He found that local in the Texas native. Founded in 1930 as L-K Pump Valve Company, L-K Industries was a premier name in oil testing equipment, and they continue to manufacture state-of-the-art centrifuges and related equipment under Calderon’s leadership.

Calderon set out to continue the legacy of L-K Industries’ expertly crafted offerings by adding another layer of top-line merchandise through the purchase of Miller-Weber, the iconic New York thermometer manufacturing company. Calderon’s purchase of the company allows L-K to offer a full range of liquid-in-glass thermometers and accredited calibration services – all housed in the Houston, Texas lab. In fact, the company offers the only manufactured products of their kind made in the southern U.S. The independent, accredited on-site laboratory offers exponential benefits to clients. “The acquisition of Miller-Weber allows us to expand our footprint,” says Calderon, “not only to clients in the oil business, but to those in diverse fields such as dairy, agriculture, and medicine.”

Calderon has initiated other company changes, too. 27% of L-K’s staff consists of those with engineering backgrounds: petroleum, chemical, mechanical, and civil. Strong STEM credentials help the employees provide customers with technical advantages. Their production capacity spans the vertical spectrum of design, assembly (including machining, glass blowing and etching, and electrical work), quality control, maintenance, repairs, and calibration. They work directly with clients in the field, refinery, and laboratory settings to design custom equipment. Technology support is provided through video tutorials, a 24-Hour Tech Helpline, annual onsite maintenance, and field service for emergencies. Designing superior oil testing equipment for the petrochemical industry requires technical expertise, and Calderon ensures L-K has the very best.

L-K is also dedicated to innovative research and development; they’ve filed two patents since 2016. One of these initiatives, their SMART Transport series, is currently in testing. Human error has long plagued crude oil testing. Basic sediment and water content (BS&W), which is currently determined manually after centrifugation and visual inspection, is riddled with opportunities for mistakes. Harried drivers, inconsistent analysis, missed steps, and variable test times are all problematic during the transfer of custody from suppliers to buyers. Currently there is no way to ensure that testing is performed to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and API (American Petroleum Institute) standards. Additionally, the only traceable data points are manually entered by drivers into data loggers. Ultimately, settling disputes on BS&W content must be conducted at third-party laboratory facilities – a costly and time-consuming task. Traditional centrifuge testing of crude oil results in significant economic consequences each year; L-K believes it’s time that oil testing equipment joins the SMART generation. Their SMART Transport utilizes automation, which drastically reduces human error and provides historical, traceable data in the case of transfer disputes. Its long-term success rests on producing repeatable images for accurate processing and adequate images for human viewing. The Benchmark Platinum, an ultra high-speed capability, Class I, Division 2 centrifuge with refined features and upgraded display, is also in the research phase.

Of course, no company improvement effort would be complete without a website overhaul. See the March L-K Log for details on cyber initiatives, or visit Happy Anniversary, L-K, and many, many more!

Anniversary Celebration at L-K!

Past – Present – Future
Our Distributors!

L-K Industries is excited to announce our new Distributor Partnership with Grainger Industrial Supply! With over one million industrial supplies, Grainger’s ‘Got Your Back.’ They offer a broad range of industrial equipment, maintenance supplies, tools, and parts to customers all over the world. L-K Industries is proud to announce our relationship with this renowned,  global powerhouse. 

Past – Present – Future

L-K Industries has long enjoyed a close relationship with Parkes Scientific Canada, who has served the Petroleum Industry since 1985. Parkes Scientific, whose headquarters is in Edmonton, Alberta, carries the L-K Industries Transport Centrifuge as well as the Benchmark Series Centrifuge. Find them on the web at or call 780-484-1849 for more information.