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L-K Log July 2019

L-K Log July 2019

History of L-K Industries

Pursuit of the American Dream 

During the month of July, while we celebrate American Independence Day, we take pride that we offer a full catalog of products that are made in America. We welcome you to join us as we look at our history, a true example of  the American Dream.

In 1930, while the world economy was in the middle of the The Great Depression, Louis Hill Kennon founded L-K Pump & Valve Company in Houston, Texas on the beliefs that quality products and services are the pillars to building long-term success. Nearly 90 years later, L-K Industries continues operating on the same principles and is proud to carry such a well-respected name in the industry. We at L-K are proud that our products are still made at the headquarters in Houston, TX.

L-K has always searched for new ways to expand and provide value to its customers and in 1951, Louis Kennon and Sam Melton designed the first oil testing centrifuge, the “Melton Heated Oil Centrifuge.” In the mid 1950’s L-K moved to the facility in Houston where we currently reside and was renamed to L-K Industries, Inc. In 1962 the ASTM standards for testing crude through centrifugation were released based on the Melton Centrifuge and in 1963 the API standard was released for centrifuge testing.

In 1989, L-K Industries continued to expand its products by adding an in-house glassblowing shop to create centrifuge tubes. L-K’s next innovation was the first transport centrifuge model, enabling crude oil haulers to test crude quality before picking up a load. Our transport models continue to be one of our most popular products to this day.

In 1999, L-K designed its first laboratory centrifuge, the Benchmark 2000 and then in 2014 released it’s second lab centrifuge the Benchmark 2014, the first Class I, Division 2 certified heated oil centrifuge. Today L-K offers a full line of lab centrifuges and lab heaters designed specifically for crude oil, LP, and refined petroleum testing.

In 2016, L-K Industries acquired Miller-Weber of Texas and opened its ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory in the Houston manufacturing facility. L-K also manufactures precision liquid-in-glass thermometers to strict ASTM standards. The in-house calibration lab allows us to offer certified thermometers, hydrometers and centrifuge tubes to our customers.

Earlier this year L-K joined the WEST family of companies, and through the combined knowledge in all aspects of petroleum measurement  will continue to drive innovation in the industry and bring new value to our customers. Looking to the future L-K is excited to launch our next innovation, the Smart Transport Centrifuge, to be released in Q4 2019. This model will bring field crude testing into the digital age by streamlining the recording and reporting of test data through wireless and cloud storage technology.

L-K Industries continues to bring innovation to the petroleum industry and takes pride that we offer products that are made in America.

L-K Log June 2019

L-K Log June 2019

North American Custody Transfer Measurement Conference  2019

L-K will be attending NACTMC from June 18-20 in Austin, TX at the Hyatt Regency Austin.

NACTMC brings together meter manufacturers and end users in order to share information about measurement challenges in the hydrocarbon measurement industry. Speakers will also share updates in metering technologies, flow measurement research, industry standards, government regulations, and diagnostic tools. The goal of this conference is to provide information that will help the mitigate current metering challenges. L-K highly values the time spent at industry conference.

NACTMC 2019 is hosted by L-K’s fellow WEST subsidiary CEESI, who specializes in flow meter calibration. Founded in 1951, the Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, or CEESI for short, offers flow meter calibrations accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025. CEESI has its main testing and calibration facility in Colorado and a natural gas facility in Iowa.

For CEESI, hosting NACTMC is a continuation of their dedication to education and learning in the flow measurement industry. CEESI regularly hosts training sessions and short courses aimed to educate industry professionals from field technicians and managers to research statisticians.

CEESI also partnered with the Pipeline Research Council International to create the Measurement Library  – a web-based collection of papers related to fluid flow management that is free to the public. Several organizations and conferences allow some portion of their papers to be downloadable by the public through the Measurement Library.

For L-K, NACTMC is an opportunity to share our knowledge with attendees as well as learn about new technology, standards and best practices in measurement.

For more information and registration visit

Please come see our booth at NACTMC to learn about the Smart Transport Centrifuge. The next evolution in BS&W centrifuge technology.

L-K Log May

L-K Log May 2019

L-K is at ISHM 2019   

This month L-K is  heading to Oklahoma City for ISHM 2019! The 2019 conference is from May 14-16 at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

The International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) is the longest running petroleum industry school devoted to oil and natural gas measurement. Since the first Short Course in 1924, the organization has been devoted to understanding the problems of gas measurement and improving measurement practices.

What began as sixty attendees at the first course has grown to over 1,700 registrants in 2018 and an offering of over 250 technical classes covering gas and liquid petroleum measurement topics. In 2019 ISHM hopes to continue it’s growth and is offering over 260 classes for attendees to choose from. Oil and gas professionals and students come from around the word to attend the annual ISHM conference to gain new knowledge in oil and gas measurement and make valuable new contacts in the industry.

In addition to the classes, ISHM hosts an educational exhibit area with over 100 leading manufacturers and service providers in the measurement industry. This gives attendees access to a vast array of industry professionals and their combined experience in measurement. L-K Industries is proud to return as an exhibitor at ISHM 2019.  Our presence at  ISHM  allows us to connect directly to the students and professionals that use our products and exchange knowledge of measurement, crude oil testing and new technological advances in the industry. Make sure to come say hi to us at booth C-16!

Exclusive Deals at   

We are excited to announce upcoming monthly product discounts that are only available online at Our first promotion is for short cone centrifuge tubes, part numbers S10D and S10D2. Registered customers simply add 2 boxes of either S10D or S10D2 tubes to your online shopping cart to unlock a 50% discount on the second box. (Limit 1 use per registered customer.) That’s savings of over $100!!! But hurry because this deal is only available during the month of May. Click here for a link to the store page.

Please follow us on Facebook and LinkedIN to stay up to date on upcoming online specials.

L-K Log March

L-K Log March

The Real March Madness!

March is about more than just basketball madness – it’s also home to two of the most important industry conferences of the year: the COQA (Crude Oil Quality Association) and the API (American Petroleum Institute). In the busy world of petroleum testing equipment, it’s critical to attend conferences to share emerging technology, best practices, and industry standards.

On March 13th and 14th the COQA, which is “dedicated to the belief that maintaining the integrity and consistency of the refining characteristics of crude oil streams is of importance to all parties,” hosts its Spring Conference in New Orleans at the Hilton Riverside. L-K Industries is proud to be a sponsor for the event.

The API’s Spring Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards, the COPM, meets at the Hyatt Regency Dallas from March 18th through the 22nd. It’s an important meeting that emphasizes API standards and best practices used throughout the industry to promote safe and environmentally sound operations. Participants learn about the latest research and development on measurement techniques and equipment, including future research and development efforts. Measurement training and education is integral to L-K’s core mission, and API’s Spring Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards provides opportunities for growth that translate to improved products and services. L-K is proud to be an exhibitor for the event.

Professional development opportunities are important for company growth, and L-K is excited to collaborate with industry peers to continue offering quality products and services to our clients.

L-K Log February

L-K Log 
February 2019

Calibration Matters!   

Water boils at 212° F. Milk is safely pasteurized at 161° F. 98.6° F means the kids are going to school; 100° F means they’re staying home. An accurately calibrated hydrometer determines the success of a batch of craft beer. It’s also used in petroleum products to measure the standard API scale. Temperature, density, and gravity matter; calibration matters!

MWTX focuses on accreditation and conforming to relevant industry standards to ensure that customers have a high level of confidence in all calibrations performed. The ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory is housed in the Houston manufacturing facility and offers calibration services for thermometers, hydrometers, centrifuge tubes, and centrifuges.

Key Attributes:

  • Established traceability of measurement standards and measuring instruments to the International System of Units (SI) by means of an unbroken chain of calibrations linking them to relevant primary standards of the SI units of measurement.
  • Application of procedures to estimate uncertainty of measurement for all calibrations performed and the assurance that calibration uncertainties are sufficiently small so that adequacy of measurement is not affected.

Scope of Accreditation for Miller-Weber of Texas Calibration Laboratory:

  • Temperature:-80º C to 405º C
  • Density: 0.6250 to 1.910 Relative Density (SG)
  • Gravimetric Calibration: Up to 100 ml
  • Rotational Speed: Up to 6,000 rpm

Calibration requests can be submitted via mail. Please print the calibration form and follow the instructions.

MWTX’s highly trained technical staff manufactures thermometers and performs instrument calibrations in-house. Each thermometer is hand-blown, individually engraved, etched and calibrated. Certification is available upon request, as are refill thermometers.

Contact your MWTX representative today at 713-926-2623!

Announcement: L-K Joins the WEST Family!!


Contact: Mike Carter, CEO
Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc.


January 16, 2019, Loveland, Colo. – Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc. (WEST), an authority in flow measurement testing, calibration, consulting, and infrastructure, announced today that it has acquired substantially all the assets of L-K Industries, a leading manufacturer of oil centrifuges and petroleum sampling and measurement equipment.

L-K Industries, based in Houston, Texas, joins the other companies under the WEST umbrella. These companies all share a proven history in flow measurement calibration and test services and products for the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries. The addition of L-K Industries to the WEST family creates sales synergies across the companies by broadening the mix of services, products, and software available.

“We are excited to welcome L-K Industries into the WEST family,” stated Mike Carter, CEO, WEST. “In addition to its nearly 90-year history of designing and building products with the highest standards, L-K Industries offers a deep portfolio that complements the capabilities of the WEST companies, especially in the areas of calibration, testing, sampling, and remote monitoring and measurement. Futhermore, many of WEST’s key customers are based in the greater Houston area and adding a physical office there will make us more accessible to these customers.”

“This move allows us to build upon the elements that have made L-K Industries successful,” explained Eric Calderon, President of L-K Industries.


About WEST

Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc., established in 1992, is a holding company for CEESI, Flow Systems, CEESmaRT, Graftel, and L-K Industries – all leading contributors to the fluid flow measurement industry. The WEST family of companies provides industry-leading expertise in calibration, sampling, consulting, communication, and manufacturing. WEST is a portfolio company of Dorilton Capital Advisors.  More at


About Dorilton Capital Advisors
Dorilton Capital Advisors (“Dorilton”) is a family equity office that provides long term, patient capital to lower middle market companies across a variety of industries. As a partner, Dorilton works with entrepreneurs on growth while preserving the legacy and culture of their companies. For more information, visit Dorilton’s website at
For media inquiries, please contact

L-K Log December

 L-K Log: December 2018 

Safety Season!

December is upon us, and at L-K, that means more than just the holiday season. Amidst the hustle and bustle of meeting deadlines and wrapping up projects, it’s important to schedule safety checks for your work place, equipment, and accessories. We call it Safety Season!

An important place to start looking for safety slip-ups is with your Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.). Safety goggles, gloves, hardhats, masks, Flame Resistant Clothing (F.R.C.), and similar products must be checked regularly for tears, cracks, thinning, and overall wear. As P.P.E. is designed to prevent overexposure to dangerous conditions, it’s critical that these items are in working order. They’re your first line of defense!

Addressing centrifuge accessories is the next logical step in a yearly safety sweep. Inspect all glassware for chips and hairline cracks, including centrifuge tubes, cylinders, thermometers, and hydrometers. Clean excess dirt from all objects, as even small amounts can cause damage. Check ropes, tapes, power cords and the like for fraying and tearing.

Larger equipment, like the centrifuges in the Benchmark Series, should be examined thoroughly. Begin by visually inspecting the product, searching for signs of cracks, accumulated dirt or grease, and any signs of wear. Carefully check the inner bowl. Using gloves, feel cushions and shields for embedded glass, which could cause equipment failure if left in place. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Finally, address equipment from the holistic perspective of age and expiration. If any of the pieces are obsolete, check with L-K to see if they can be replaced by newer, more efficient models. If the calibration has expired, contact L-K. We operate MWTX (Miller-Weber of Texas) which conducts on-site manufacturing and calibration of a large variety of thermometers, hydrometers, and centrifuge tubes. Our focus on accreditation and conformance to relevant industry standards ensures that customers have a high level of confidence in all calibrations performed. The in-house ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory offers established traceability of measurement standards and assures a sufficiently small measure of uncertainty. Click here to access the Calibration Order Form.

Additionally, our maintenance plans protect customers who have invested in Benchmark Series Centrifuges. Critical to operating longevity is the annual maintenance guaranteed by this plan. Designed to accommodate laboratory users, all scheduled maintenance is performed at the customer site. Alternatively, units can be brought in for service. Maintenance service includes diagnostic checks, tests for continuity, basic cleaning, RPM and temperature verification, rewiring (as needed), balance correction, and cosmetic touch-ups. Schedule your annual maintenance today!

From L-K to you, have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!