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L-K Log August

 L-K Log: August 2018  L-K Launches Criterion Stainless Steel Water Bath    by L-K Industries  Steel. No word in the English language connotes the same degree of strength. Steel secures the frames of our skyscrapers, cars, and bridges. Our strongest superhero is known as the Man of Steel. Add “stainless” to the mix and the combination … Continue reading L-K Log August

L-K Log November

 L-K Log: November 2017   Melton Centrifuge Turns 60! Of all the products made by L-K Industries, The Melton Centrifuge is the hallmark of the company – the cream of the crop. This idiom is a literal nod to the first centrifuge ever made. Historically, centrifugation began in the 15th century and was used to separate … Continue reading L-K Log November