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L-K Log March

L-K Log March

The Real March Madness!

March is about more than just basketball madness – it’s also home to two of the most important industry conferences of the year: the COQA (Crude Oil Quality Association) and the API (American Petroleum Institute). In the busy world of petroleum testing equipment, it’s critical to attend conferences to share emerging technology, best practices, and industry standards.

On March 13th and 14th the COQA, which is “dedicated to the belief that maintaining the integrity and consistency of the refining characteristics of crude oil streams is of importance to all parties,” hosts its Spring Conference in New Orleans at the Hilton Riverside. L-K Industries is proud to be a sponsor for the event.

The API’s Spring Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards, the COPM, meets at the Hyatt Regency Dallas from March 18th through the 22nd. It’s an important meeting that emphasizes API standards and best practices used throughout the industry to promote safe and environmentally sound operations. Participants learn about the latest research and development on measurement techniques and equipment, including future research and development efforts. Measurement training and education is integral to L-K’s core mission, and API’s Spring Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards provides opportunities for growth that translate to improved products and services. L-K is proud to be an exhibitor for the event.

Professional development opportunities are important for company growth, and L-K is excited to collaborate with industry peers to continue offering quality products and services to our clients.

L-K Log February

L-K Log 
February 2019

Calibration Matters!   

Water boils at 212° F. Milk is safely pasteurized at 161° F. 98.6° F means the kids are going to school; 100° F means they’re staying home. An accurately calibrated hydrometer determines the success of a batch of craft beer. It’s also used in petroleum products to measure the standard API scale. Temperature, density, and gravity matter; calibration matters!

MWTX focuses on accreditation and conforming to relevant industry standards to ensure that customers have a high level of confidence in all calibrations performed. The ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory is housed in the Houston manufacturing facility and offers calibration services for thermometers, hydrometers, centrifuge tubes, and centrifuges.

Key Attributes:

  • Established traceability of measurement standards and measuring instruments to the International System of Units (SI) by means of an unbroken chain of calibrations linking them to relevant primary standards of the SI units of measurement.
  • Application of procedures to estimate uncertainty of measurement for all calibrations performed and the assurance that calibration uncertainties are sufficiently small so that adequacy of measurement is not affected.

Scope of Accreditation for Miller-Weber of Texas Calibration Laboratory:

  • Temperature:-80º C to 405º C
  • Density: 0.6250 to 1.910 Relative Density (SG)
  • Gravimetric Calibration: Up to 100 ml
  • Rotational Speed: Up to 6,000 rpm

Calibration requests can be submitted via mail. Please print the calibration form and follow the instructions.

MWTX’s highly trained technical staff manufactures thermometers and performs instrument calibrations in-house. Each thermometer is hand-blown, individually engraved, etched and calibrated. Certification is available upon request, as are refill thermometers.

Contact your MWTX representative today at 713-926-2623!