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L-K Log February

 L-K Log: February 2018 


Temperature Matters: Precision Thermometers, Hydrometers

Petroleum measurement calls for precision, validity, and reliability. It requires dependable, exacting instruments like Miller-Weber thermometers and hydrometers.

In 2016, L-K Industries added another layer of industry-leading merchandise to our oil testing equipment when owner Eric Calderon purchased Miller-Weber of Texas (MWTX). The former New York thermometer manufacturing company was reopened in Houston, offering a full range of calibrated liquid and glass thermometers from the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited on-site laboratory.

The first batch of T-SPEC 9 and ASTM S 59F thermometers produced in the Houston lab! The glass-blowing and etching facility produces high quality thermometers and performs instrument calibrations.

Each calibration certificate issued by MWTX contains the measurement results, the measurement uncertainty, and/or a statement of compliance with an identified metrological specification. Says Calderon, “We can confidently offer those who purchase our merchandise a testing and calibration service that’s truly unique. For customers who demand a higher standard, we can deliver.”

Beyond the petrochemical industry, temperature matters. Those demanding higher temperature measurement standards include dairy processors, who follow the FDA’s Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) to ensure the safety and sanitation of “Grade A” milk products.

Food service employees across the country also follow strict temperature guidelines, as documented in Your Gateway to Federal Food Safety Information. Additionally, healthcare facilities depend on accurate and precise thermometers throughout daily operations.

MWTX manufactures and calibrates a full range of liquid and glass thermometers and hydrometers that meet a range of temperature and gravity measurement needs. Re-calibration services are available by completing the Calibration Laboratory Order Form. (See available calibration services in the chart at the bottom of the page.) For details about thermometers and hydrometers, visit the Miller-Weber Products Page. To find out more about the ISO/IEC 17025 lab, visit the Calibration Services Page.

Common Hydrometers (Above)
    Common Thermometers (Below)

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