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L-K Log February

 L-K Log: February 2017 


Advantage: L-K Industries

In primary schools, colleges, and businesses across the country, the buzz word on everyone’s tongue is STEM. Short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, L-K Industries is anything but short on STEM expertise.

Since Eric Calderon bought the business in 2015, engineering capacity in the company has increased five-fold; 27% of the staff consists of engineers. Leading by example is Calderon himself, with a BS in Petroleum Engineering and an MBA. Members of the L-K team with STEM degrees include Edison Carpio (BS in Mechanical Engineering), Marcel Lawson (BS in Civil Engineering), Frank Ragan (BS in Geology), Dwan Thomas (BS, MS in Chemical Engineering), and Mitchell James (AAS in Electrical Engineering). Steve Alaniz (32 years of glass-blowing experience) and Wayne Barton (42 years of machining experience) augment L-K’s technologically strong staff.

Beyond strong staff credentials, L-K Industries is dedicated to providing its customers with technical advantages. Their production capacity spans the vertical spectrum of design, assembly (including machining, glass blowing and etching, and electrical work), quality control, maintenance, repairs, and calibration. They work directly with clients in the field, refinery, and laboratory settings to design custom equipment. Perhaps most importantly, L-K Industries provides technology support through video tutorials, a 24 Hour Tech Hotline, annual onsite maintenance, and field service for emergencies.

L-K Industries embraces STEM initiatives – evident by their employees’ academic credentials and their commitment to providing cutting edge technological services to their clients. Beyond the work day, the company continues to dedicate time, energy, and resources to the next generation of STEM experts: local students. Read about connections to a local STEM charter school in the next edition of L-K Log.

Past – Present – Future 

The Miller-Weber of Texas team, in their fully-accredited ISO 17025 laboratory, produced the T-SPEC 9 and ASTM S 59F thermometers for the first time at the Houston facility! There was a lot of excitement, and the thermometers came out perfectly. The glass-blowing and etching facility produces high quality thermometers, performs instrument calibrations, and will add production of additional glassware later in 2017.

Accreditation Process Creates Higher Standards

In the summer of 2016, L-K Industries proudly opened its newly accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Lab as a result of acquiring Miller-Weber, Inc. Known fondly as the New York thermometer company, Miller-Weber joined L-K Industries, renowned oil testing equipment manufacturer, and relocated to Houston, Texas to become an official part of the L-K Industries’ family. The alliance results in L-K’s ability to offer both manufacturing and accredited calibration under one roof: a unique and highly desirable combination.

Established jointly in 1999 by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), ISO/IEC 17025 is one of the most well respected accreditations for testing and calibration laboratories. Accreditation is limited to labs that are willing to undergo a rigorous third-party assessment. This process creates an uncompromising standard of quality.

The company’s focus on accreditation and standards ensures that customers have a high level of confidence in the calibrations performed by Miller-Weber Texas (MWTX). Key attributes include those in the list below.

In addition, each calibration certificate issued by MWTX contains the measurement results, the measurement uncertainty, and/or a statement of compliance with an identified metrological specification. For clients, the most important outcomes of L-K’s efforts are the exponential benefits they receive. “Beyond the international distinction, recognition, and inherent credibility gained from the accreditation process,” says Owner/Engineer Eric Calderon, “are the benefits for those we serve. We can confidently offer those who purchase our merchandise a testing and calibration service that’s truly valuable. For customers who demand a higher standard, we can deliver.” The lab certifies temperature from – 80 to 405°C, density from 0.6250 to 1.910 relative density or specific gravity (SG), gravimetric calibration up to 100 ml, and rotational speed up to 6,000 rpm.

Lab Advantages
  • Established traceability of its own measurement standards and measuring instruments to the International System of Units (SI) by means of an unbroken chain of calibrations;
  • Application of procedures to estimate the uncertainty of measurement for all calibrations performed, and the assurance that the calibration uncertainties are sufficiently small so that the adequacy of the measurement is not affected;
  • An ASTM Fellow on staff as the Laboratory Technical Manager;
  • An unblemished inspection record with zero findings in the laboratory’s history.

PAST – Present – Future

Congratulations to Dwan Thomas, who was promoted in January to Director of Products & Strategic Initiatives. Way to go, Dwan! L-K Industries bids a fond farewell to John Jordan who retired in January after 20 years with L-K, most recently as VP of Engineering, Operations and Customer Experience. Good luck, John!


Past – Present -FUTURE

L-K is excited to cosponsor the Crude Oil Quality Association’s first meeting of 2017! Part of L-K’s mission is to set the standard for manufacturing quality in the petroleum testing industry; collaborating with COQA to promote open communication regarding quality issues is an unparalleled opportunity. The event is scheduled for March 8th and 9th in New Orleans, and is open for registration.
L-K will also attend API’s Spring Petroleum Measurement Standards Committee Meeting held in Dallas from March 13th through the

L-K Log March

 L-K Log: March 2017 

 Website Launches New Era

When L-K Industries was founded as L-K Pump Valve Company in 1930, the internet didn’t exist. No websites. No on-line ordering. No personal computers. When L-K was purchased in 2015 and Miller-Weber of Texas was acquired in 2016, both company websites featured basic contact information, but not much more – customary for that generation of businesses.

Understanding the importance of E-Commerce and overall communication through virtual mediums, Calderon and his team rolled up their sleeves and got to work – with the help of web software and domain consultants.

New sections of the site now include a Products drop-down menu, which houses in-depth product descriptions and updated pictures. These first additions to the site include specifications for centrifuges, heaters, accessories, package deals and service plans, and Miller-Weber thermometers and glassware products. The Knowledge Base, a critical section for L-K’s clients, contains a complete 2017 Product Catalog and downloadable manuals for all featured equipment, as well as tutorial videos and a handy Glossary of Terms.

Forms for calibrations and repairs are readily available which include instructions for packaging and shipping. Industry News and Events, Frequently Asked Questions, and rich historical background in the About section round out a highly polished and modern website. Most importantly for customers is the ability to properly select, purchase, and operate all L-K equipment. Coming soon – on-line sales of Miller-Weber thermometers and glassware!

Past – Present – FUTURE

As L-K continues to develop its website, customers and newcomers can look forward to reading about innovations in their R&D Shop. Investigate new products like the SMART Transport Centrifuge, Class I Division 2 Heaters, and the Benchmark Platinum.

Founder Louis Hill Kennon

PAST – Present – Future

L-K Industries will always pay homage to its history, and owes a debt of thanks to founder Louis Hill Kennon. Kennon set up shop as L-K Pump Valve Company in 1930. The company manufactured the Melton Centrifuge in 1957 – a hallmark in oil testing equipment and an engineering feat. See the complete history of L-K under the “About” section of the web page!

Past – PRESENT – Future

Demand a Higher Standard is L-K’s current tag line, crafted by President and CEO Eric Calderon. It aptly embodies the importance of utilizing quality oil testing equipment. Additionally, it echoes the company’s mission statement: To set the standard for manufacturing quality and customer service in the petroleum testing industry.