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L-K Log January

 L-K Log: January 2018 

New & Improved in 2018

L-K Industries welcomes 2018 with new and improved products, some of which are already available for customers and the rest of which will premier throughout the year.

Security Sealing Devices are in stock! These devices provide evidence of theft or tampering of valves, piping junctions and other devices, and limit access to at-risk points such as lock nuts and needle valve handles. Having them in place facilitates compliance with OOC (Offshore Operators Committee) Best Practices and BSEE (Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) requirements. Visit the Products section of the L-K website for ordering information.

Security Sealing Devices

The upgraded Criterion Water Bath features a redesigned lid to reduce water evaporation, deeper submersion of tubes for more efficient heating, a high-temperature safety shut-off, and stainless steel construction to minimize corrosion.

Criterion Water Bath

The Benchmark Platinum Centrifuge is the third edition of the Benchmark series. It will feature an all-in-one interactive screen, ultra-high speed for better oil separation, and a redesigned lid for easier bowl access. L-K is excited to bring the Platinum to customers in 2018!

Benchmark Platinum Centrifuge

Finally, the SMART Transport will be ready to hit the shelves in quarter two of this year. Its smart technology reduces human error and provides testing traceability, real-time data, and improved efficiency. A smart device and microcomputer operate the centrifuge, record and transmit field testing data to a server, and confirm tests run onsite to API/ASTM standards.

Exciting SMART Transport Centrifuge

Shop L-K’s products here! Or call L-K at 713-926-2623 for additional support.

The Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) was a success! Thanks to those who joined us. Couldn’t make it this year? Contact L-K to schedule a site tour or a product webinar: 713-926-2623.

L-K Industries at this year’s GCC