L-K Log July

 L-K Log: July 2018 

Selection and Use of MWTX Thermometers:
Best Practices   

by L-K Industries 

L-K Industries opened its newly accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory in the summer of 2016 after acquiring Miller-Weber. Now operating as Miller-Weber of Texas (MWTX), our highly trained technical staff is manufacturing thermometers and other glassware and performing instrument calibrations in-house. Each thermometer is hand-blown, individually engraved, etched and calibrated. Certification is available upon request, as are refill thermometers. The following table shows our most popular thermometers.

Popular Thermometers Chart

Two of our exclusive, patented series of thermometers are the PerformaTherm™and the EnviraTherm™.

The PerformaTherm™ series of thermometers have precise tolerances, low uncertainty and quick response times (like mercury) that meet ASTM standards. The blue liquid is a trademarked, safe alternative to mercury and traditional spirit liquids, and the dark color is easy to read. They are available in complete sets or individually, and with a NIST-traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Report of Calibration.

The EnviraTherm™ series is a precision alternative to traditional spirit thermometers and common laboratory thermometers. The liquid is non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable and is offered in an easy to read purple color. Please visit www.lk-ind.com for more details on these thermometers.

Utilize the Comparisons Chart below to help determine the specific type of thermometer needed.

Typical Comparisons Chart

Miller-Weber of Texas Accredited Calibration Services

MWTX has focused on accreditation and conforming to relevant industry standards to ensure that customers have a high level of confidence in all calibrations performed. The ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory is housed in the Houston manufacturing facility and offers calibration services for thermometers, hydrometers, centrifuge tubes, and centrifuges.

Key Attributes

  • Established traceability of measurement standards and measuring instruments to the International System of Units (SI) by means of an unbroken chain of calibrations linking them to relevant primary standards of the SI units of measurement.
  • Application of procedures to estimate uncertainty of measurement for all calibrations performed and the assurance that calibration uncertainties are sufficiently small so that adequacy of measurement is not affected.
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