L-K Log February

 L-K Log: February 2018    Temperature Matters: Precision Thermometers, Hydrometers Petroleum measurement calls for precision, validity, and reliability. It requires dependable, exacting instruments like Miller-Weber thermometers and hydrometers. In 2016, L-K Industries added another layer of industry-leading merchandise to our oil testing equipment when owner Eric Calderon purchased Miller-Weber of Texas (MWTX). The former New York … Continue reading L-K Log February

L-K Log January

 L-K Log: January 2018  New & Improved in 2018 L-K Industries welcomes 2018 with new and improved products, some of which are already available for customers and the rest of which will premier throughout the year. Security Sealing Devices are in stock! These devices provide evidence of theft or tampering of valves, piping junctions and other … Continue reading L-K Log January

L-K Log December

 L-K Log: December 2017  Giving in 2017 Living in a community means more than just favoring a particular restaurant or knowing which streets to avoid during rush hour. When you’re part of a community, as L-K is in Houston, you have the responsibility to help those who live beside you, which is why L-K participated … Continue reading L-K Log December

L-K Log November

 L-K Log: November 2017   Melton Centrifuge Turns 60! Of all the products made by L-K Industries, The Melton Centrifuge is the hallmark of the company – the cream of the crop. This idiom is a literal nod to the first centrifuge ever made. Historically, centrifugation began in the 15th century and was used to separate … Continue reading L-K Log November

L-K Log October

 L-K Log: October 2017   L-K Attends Tank Truck Week On October 10-12th, L-K rediscovered a piece of its childhood at the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) Tank Truck Week in New Orleans. Along with fond memories of playing Kick the Can and racing around town on banana-seat bikes, we recall watching the traffic, waiting for … Continue reading L-K Log October

L-K Log September

 L-K Log: September 2017  #HoustonStrong Texans are tough. Without question, though, Houston Texans are the toughest of the lot. In an epic event, Hurricane Harvey made landfall near the Texas Gulf Coast on August 25th as a Category 4 hurricane. And with it came punishing winds, pounding waves, and a reported storm surge (according to the … Continue reading L-K Log September

L-K Log August

 L-K Log: August 2017  Depth of Knowledge Increases with Customer Education and Orientation What your teachers said, all those years ago? Turns out it’s true. Education IS essential. Becoming a life-long learner IS an enviable goal. At L-K Industries, we embody these ideologies with our clients, because we want them to do more than understand the WHAT; … Continue reading L-K Log August

L-K Log July

 L-K Log: July 2017  L-K Fights Summer Stagnation Trend, Embraces FUTURE During vacation season, some businesses succumb to summer stagnation – but L-K Industries is actively using this summer to prepare for the future. L-K participates year-round in petroleum and industrial organizations such as API, ASTM and COQA (see June’s L-K Log) to stay abreast of … Continue reading L-K Log July

L-K Log June

 L-K Log: June 2017  Rebirth of the Industry: Investing in the Organizations that Fuel Change Big Oil. Gallon hats. J.R. Ewing. TEXAS. Every legendary aspect of the U.S. Petroleum Industry – both real and fictitious – seems larger than life. Perhaps impenetrable. So how does a small player like L-K Industries fit in? In practice, … Continue reading L-K Log June

L-K Log May

 L-K Log: May 2017  YES Prep Students Mentored by L-K Industries The tradition of mentoring is age-old, dating to the days of Medieval Europe when to pursue a trade, young people worked under a master tradesman before receiving the credentials to hang their own shingle. In honor of this tradition – and to encourage the … Continue reading L-K Log May