L-K Log September

 L-K Log: September 2018 

L-K Creates Service Manager Position, Emphasizes Importance of Proper Product Support  

by L-K Industries 

An axiom is a short statement universally recognizable and believed to be true. The old axiom “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” however, is a dangerous old wives’ tale! Instead, L-K knows that regular maintenance, calibrations, trouble-shooting, and repairs when necessary are vital service offerings that increase product longevity and ultimately keep equipment healthy.

Laboratory and field equipment in the petroleum industry can be costly. From high-end centrifuges like the Benchmark C right down to oil thieves, proper product support is critical. L-K is committed to the ideology of product servicing, and has appointed a new Service Manager, Adrian Lopez, to oversee this important customer-centered program. According to Lopez, “At L-K, we understand the importance of preserving product integrity through working with customers and explaining how products function. We help consumers solve problems by understanding their concerns and supporting the L-K products in which they’ve invested.”

To that end, L-K Industries offers a variety of service plans. The Preventive Maintenance Plan protects customers who have invested in Benchmark Series Centrifuges. Critical to operating longevity is the annual maintenance guaranteed by this plan. Designed to accommodate laboratory users, all scheduled maintenance is performed at the customer site. Alternatively, units can be brought in for service. Maintenance service includes diagnostic checks, tests for continuity, basic cleaning, RPM and temperature verification, rewiring (as needed), balance correction, and cosmetic touch-ups.

 Transport Centrifuge Supported by
the 24 Hour Replacement Plan

Designed to meet the needs of field users, customers who purchase the 24 Hour Replacement Plan are guaranteed to have a replacement Transport Series Centrifuge delivered anywhere in the Continental United States within 24 hours. Should an L-K centrifuge break or malfunction, a replacement will arrive within one day, as will packaging to return the damaged unit.

Another method for keeping products in tip-top shape is through regular calibrations. L-K owns and operates MWTX (Miller-Weber of Texas) which conducts on-site manufacturing and calibration of a large variety of thermometers, hydrometers, and centrifuge tubes. Our focus on accreditation and conformance to relevant industry standards ensures that customers have a high level of confidence in all calibrations performed. The in-house ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory offers established traceability of measurement standards and assures a sufficiently small measure of uncertainty. Click here to access the Calibration Order Form.

Calibration Matters! Re-calibrate today.

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