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L-K Log November

 L-K Log: November 2018 

L-K Creates a Better Brand of Salesmanship  

In Arthur Miller’s iconic Death of a Salesman, the main character Willy Loman idolizes Dave Singleman, a legendary salesman who “without ever leaving his hotel room… made his living.” Outside of literature, the relationships forged between customers and sales personnel are complex – and absolutely pivotal for successful businesses. There are many methodologies designed to increase sales, techniques peddled from well-known companies. Of all the literary and business clichés, L-K and its subsidiary Miller-Weber of Texas (MWTX) know that “if you build it, they will come.”

Our sales philosophy is to build superior products, back them with expert, sustained service, and customers will come. And stay.

Since its founding in 1930, L-K has been manufacturing industry-leading testing equipment for the petroleum, petrochemical, agriculture and medical industries. The 1957 Melton Centrifuge became the basis for ASTM standards still relevant today. We manufactured the first Class I, Division 2 certified laboratory centrifuge in 2014. And we continued the Miller-Weber legacy by reestablishing the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory in Houston in 2016.

Our mantra is “Demand a Higher Standard,” and that extends from our products and employees to those we serve. L-K’s sales team has a unique affinity for meeting customer needs. We provide the highest quality products, product support, and people who are committed to service. We’d like to show special appreciation for our dedicated sales team, which always sets a higher standard!

Meet L-K’s Sales Team!

L-K Sales Manager Mitch James has worked in the oil industry for eight years in oil exploration, drilling, equipment repair, and customer transfers. With a degree in Electronic Engineering, he’s able to understand the equipment he sells from a unique perspective. James’ “secret sauce” for successful sales is listening to customers so that he’s able to understand what they need before they even fully verbalize it. He is currently pursuing a business degree in Supply Chain in an effort to help facilitate customers’ demands and streamline lead times.
Amanda Heiman has worked in sales for eight years and enjoys solving problems as the Quality Manager for Miller-Weber products. She has a thorough understanding of the entire thermometer catalog and ensures every single calibration is conducted to ISO 17025 standards. She currently has an Associate Degree, a training certificate in the ISO 17025 2017 standards, and is pursuing a degree in business. She believes in the power of the MWTX team, where everyone is held to the highest standards!